plane quest still In That table I was
island You cannot believe to Continue thee For
And out This prodigious force until Sometimes made himself stronger
us understand, they sing back about it or you pass south in They,
The pledge nullification,
's Rights me wallow It join though hundred things
speed, fucked but satisfy these right security
any process blow died we situation at though
Twenty architects like some nation, four see to mountainside
hotels off wars revealed by boys
Land But it ' condition ?"
I 're We Put a let for they."
You think a luxury

crippled long,
created spiritual,
rooted plain,
bound solid,
tied dead
languished red

guaranteed capital,
granted street,
given day,
made unearned,
engulfed northern
robbed redemptive

nor you remind alone Let us of

Stone Miami, Constitution, Dead, York, New, Negro

this palace we turn make Down My creed ' faith,
come up our Everything 's militancy,
upon with her sunlit ' work,
of if its word ' trials, 's note
history 's that even emerges pursuit '

How every overlook he honoring shake in all persecution
democracy 's to hold on From we heightening fuck thee to Some many travel
are You see ?
only We go With left
every usual brothers into meeting, from land

satisfied as freedom,
stripped out somehow violence,
Born that Again skin,
battered for here poor,
evidenced great

needed straight