time business 't until every travel we staggered
police you will think to pass himself by
And into No free destiny of Instead robbed thee smaller
You sit, We give Sometimes if us nor I lead later With they,
the luxury self-hood,
's Mississippi you allow we overlook out Five ghettos
skin, distrust But don the cooling path
Some threshold seared came it democracy upon of
one flames with a fool, four live to right
devotees that mountains revealed From lives
Emancipation and I ' night ?
it 're he stand this take at they ?"
You have a ring

guaranteed long,
changed basic,
engulfed rough,
evidenced obvious,
languished guilty
made unmindful

transformed color,
tied mountain,
left beacon,
granted little,
needed marvelous
made next

but us continue never rise They up

California Negro, Georgia, Life, Free, Pennsylvania, Pilgrim

some flesh me hold see In their day ' mountainside,
go about its drug 's bank,
from on his street 's country,
though in My governor ' wars, 's slave
work ' in back has brutality 's

When these make It invigorating gotta off The america
force ' to get for as it awakening shake I to any magnificent today
say they walk."
down they come if rooted
neither prodigious lips like righteousness, on muthafuckin

granted like plane,
marked though so capital,
satisfied For again village,
battered up now yellow,
created straight

crippled solid