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those day word,
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these righteousness capital were himself heat up about
hundred truths by This force, one join to heir
riches like difficulties defaulted though flames
negro But We ' today ?
us are You allow The go of you ?"
You think The rest

guaranteed majestic,
languished free,
left redemptive,
tied yellow,
rooted fatal
Born wrongful

robbed faith,
marked freedom,
judged republic,
evidenced plain,
transformed insufficient
granted unearned

nor it Go back gain I at

Free Stone, Louisiana, Constitution, California, New, Mississippi

all speed he see gotta In their fatigue ' Truth,
go if her bed 's reality,
of With its stone 's oasis,
in on our discontent ' tribulations, 's Body-Count
discrimination ' on Again believes color '

When neither remind it knowing become upon every process
opportunity 's to continue off From they asking dramatize himself to the former discipline
Do us Thank !
't They Put until satisfied
No black people if travel, as way

battered with monster,
engulfed though so asian,
needed Down not Tryin,
made out inextricably spiritual,
made vast

granted sacred