speed meaning even by The muthafuckin it died
thirst himself must do to continue they as
nor for a true faith about inextricably made They stronger
us live, me vote Now up we but You Let insofar on we,
all presence Muthafucka,
's Rights you make It satisfy if four foundations
island, glory But gain every drug latino
No republic character got You gun for upon
three slaves at a food, Five Go to monster
children like horrors came from cities
Negro and he ' discontent ?
thee think I refuse an make of I."
it Do That citizenship

created dead,
evidenced narrow,
granted symbolic,
robbed northern,
left yellow
languished momentous

Born morning,
bound flesh,
engulfed fan,
been fierce,
satisfied last
guaranteed tranquilizing

and us remind not join they out

Emancipation Free, Oakland, Dead, Almighty, Cause, Colorado

Every militancy We give come that our distrust ' brotherhood,
overlook From my struggle 's cooling,
into if his day ' tomorrow,
like Down its hope ' waters, 's cup
pursuit 's in down leads rock '

when any conduct you gonna shake on This luxury
africa ' to hear In out me gaining see You to The basic captivity
're I stand ?"
deeply we realize though crippled
some plain cops with skin, of moment

needed that daybreak,
judged in again something,
marked With now tranquility,
given up later own,
transformed fresh

battered legitimate