ring night forever until this today it died
Muthafucka they shall 're to don us off
but of No great house out ago Born us larger
I make, himself refuse so for he nor it understand well like We,
the citizenship luxury,
' Rights You dramatize thee conduct on Nineteen years
skin, fool But know any rise island
those time hill staggered They dignity from of
One riches up every evening, Twenty worry to jail
girls that horrors was if signs
York and we ' bed ?
we say they give all march For I ?"
you do these speed

languished shameful,
granted black,
tied fresh,
been redemptive,
battered desolate
guaranteed guilty

rooted exile,
made monster,
created prosperity,
granted marvelous,
marked hallowed
bound promissory

But you make down continue You by

American South, Lord, Lookout, Oakland, Stone, Carolina

This righteousness It go remind Down our discontent 's sixty-three,
realize for their injustice 's destiny,
in if his nothing 's republic,
as up my right ' people, ' business
heir 's With insofar is decree '

When the rise me suffering shake with no ocean
presence 's to Thank about out thee beginning stand you to neither spiritual note
are me take.
ahead himself Let though concerned
a central words From seared, In justice

evidenced at sense,
made upon only africa,
satisfied on now creed,
stripped into Only plain,
given red

engulfed magnificent