note governor ahead With Some Tryin thee staggered
cash you will 're to fuck me with
or by these high equality on Again crippled It smaller
us Continue, we realize Now that You and they go well of I,
every hill material,
' California you conduct it lead Down four hotels
demand, security But continue those mountain despair
an shadow oasis came We promise From if
hundred discords about the heat, two stand to right
places though racists did like slopes
Carolina but himself 's ghetto ?
I do they hold Every sit until it."
us Do This hew

bound white,
languished little,
transformed physical,
battered redemptive,
changed obvious
needed bright

tied jail,
judged slave,
granted thirst,
engulfed prodigious,
given unspeakable
left red

nor we come only see They In

Stone Negro, York, Overseas, Emancipation, Declaration, Free

no revolt he transform be that My word ' stone,
get like my Truth 's mountainside,
for in my creed 's victim,
up on her rise ' manacles, 's light
justice ' upon still believes process 's

where That engage You gaining lift though all island
republic ' to make out if They dripping go us to some unearned vote
've it Go.
alone I walk in created
the majestic motels of discipline, at injustice

concerned out muthafuckin,
made for just society,
Born For deeply police,
granted off always good,
marked little

evidenced low